Dinner for Two is a collaborative, interactive web experience that uses crowdsourced information to pair two random individuals for a strange meal.
​​​​​​I worked with fellow classmate and illustrator Bob Su to collect responses from 90 individuals across social media, Mechanical Turk, and in real life. Participants had to answer three simple questions:

1. Describe what you look like in 1-2 sentences.
2. Describe your most recent meal in 1-2 sentences.
3. Describe the strangest meal you have ever eaten in 1-2 sentences.

We then took these responses, illustrated them, and put them on this site to randomly generate unique pairings. In a sense, we wanted to create a community of people brought together by their intriguing, individual experiences with food. 
People who visited the site had the option to randomly generate two different images sitting across from each other by clicking the 'NEW MEAL, NEW DATE' button. They also had the option to view the entire gallery of images in the 'MENU' tab.
Illustration: Bob Su & Alison Jeng
Development: Alison Jeng
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