Tools Used: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator
Fridge Friend is a mobile app concept that allows users to check off ingredients already in their kitchen and generate recipes based on what is readily available. The app is tailored to meet the dietary preferences, time constraints, and other individual needs of each user. 
Compared to other recipe apps on the market that are dense with information, Fridge Friend aims to minimize the time spent on both searching for recipes and deciding what recipes to make. Additionally, Fridge Friend offers a solution to frequent trips to the grocery store and prolonged food waste.  ​​​​​​​
*Fridge Friend is still a work in progress. Full documentation coming soon!
Based on personal experience, I find that I spend way too much time thinking over what I should make for dinner rather than actually making the meal. I interviewed 20 individuals, with the target demographic being 18-25 year olds (college students and recent graduates). Of the people interviewed, 85% found it difficult in making decisions over what to cook. In addition, all the individuals interviewed indicated that time was a major factor in making these decisions. 

From these observations, I was able to analyze and list the design goals for this project:
1) Create a layout/user flow to help users make a decision and filter the recipe search
2) Design a cohesive and organized "fridge" where users can check off what they already have
3) Incorporate personalization in the app through user profiles ​​​​​​​
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