LendingTree is an online loan marketplace that allows users to shop and compare loan quotes in order to find the best interest rates. In addition, LendingTree offers various resources and products to assist customers on their financial journey. As a digital marketing designer, I help concept and create work for all digital marketing channels (Display, Paid Social, Email Marketing) across all LendingTree products. 
I work with a team of designers and developers to design creatives as well as coordinate with product managers to test and analyze the designs based on metrics such as click through rates, conversion rates, revenue, and impressions. Since LendingTree ads are highly trafficked, especially in Display marketing, the ads I design are frequently iterated on and revised based on the data analysis. 
In the Display channel, I work with my team to design various HTML5 banners with user interactions such as drop downs, sliders, rate calculators, toggles, and buttons to garner user attention and interest. Each designed banner is tested and iterations are made based off of best performing banners. The main goal for each banner design is ultimately to encourage user engagement and provide just enough information to lead users to LendingTree landing pages and form flows where they would proceed to get offers for a loan. From consistent testing, I have learned that most of these display designs generate the best results (in terms of click through rate and conversion rate) from simple designs with single interactions and white backgrounds.
In Paid Social, these ads are both video and static and run on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. I design and work with animators to create a variety of videos ranging from simple rate tables with stock imagery to illustrated animations. Because of the social media platforms these ads are run on, the range of testing is a lot wider compared to the more simplistic approach my team and I use in Display advertising. My main goal for these Paid Social designs is not only to drive user engagement, but to also maintain the aesthetic of the LendingTree brand so that users can develop a sense of brand recognition and loyalty. All the designed concepts are tested and iterated on based off of the best performing designs.
In Email Marketing and CRM, I helped concept a few new ideas ranging from hand-drawn isometric illustrations to flat icons to colorful grids. The designs below were made for a creative team innovation project with the goal to rethink and redesign old email layouts. 
I was tasked with designing a LendingTree Personal Loans Pinterest board for the organic social team. The goal for this board was to increase brand awareness using the LendingTree color palette (a variety of greens and white) and also draw user interest in Personal Loans by providing informational posts regarding the product. The board contains a mix of informational posts and illustrated/typographic posts. ​​​​​​​
Creative Director: Scott Zucker 
Designers: Alison Jeng,  Luke Rolka
Animators and Developers: Ricardo Jaimes, Christian Kragh 
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