As a designer at LendingTree, I helped concept and create work for all digital marketing channels (Display, Paid Social, Email Marketing) across all LendingTree products. 
In the Display channel, I work with my team to design various HTML5 banners with user interactions such as drop downs, sliders, rate calculators, toggles, and buttons to garner user attention and interest. To prevent 'banner blindness' most of our display designs are clean and simple on white backgrounds. Each designed banner is tested and iterations are made based off of best performing banners. 
In Paid Social, these ads are mostly in the form of video and run on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. I work with my team to design and animate a variety of videos ranging from simple rate tables with stock imagery to illustrated animations, all within the LendingTree brand. Similar to the Display channel, we test all the designed concepts and make iterations based off of best performing creative. 
In Email Marketing and CRM, I helped concept a few new ideas ranging from hand-drawn isometric illustrations to flat icons to colorful grids. The designs below were made for a creative team innovation project with the goal to rethink and redesign old email layouts. 
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