Inspired by Slack's viral release notes (courtesy of our team's legendary copywriter John Knight) that brought a sense of humor and humanity to technology, the Random Acts of Kindness campaign's goal was to spread joy and positivity throughout a person's day, both online and in their daily commute. This was Slack's biggest OOH campaign (with 1,000+ assets made) for fiscal year 2021-2022 and was promoted across Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City (including a full-floor Grand Central Station takeover!)
The campaign correlated to a 60% increase in public brand awareness in 6 months. 
The art direction for the campaign combined short and sweet words of encouragement along with emoji pairings that paid off on the headline by providing a little puzzle—we called them emoji idioms. The goal was to provide people with a moment of peace from a busy workday and leave them with a sense of reassurance and comfort. ​​​​​​​

A section of the emoji idiom key we used throughout the campaign

We established layout guidelines for how text would appear with each emoji idiom as well as proper color pairings to ensure high contrast and readability. These guidelines were then applied across all 1000+ assets, both print and digital. We mocked up the  placement of each individual asset (which was no small feat) before sending them over to a production agency to be printed. 

Layout guidelines

OOH designs across New York City, Chicago, and Atlanta

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Animation example

Animation example

Landing page

Senior Director of Creative : Josie Jeffries 
Senior Creative Managers: Maria Gonzalez, Jennifer Tan, Rosie Bowden
Designers: Alison Jeng, Gaby Saravia, Zoe Berger, Michael Belen, Mel Haasch
Copywriters: John Knight, Liza Dunning
Animators: Tatiana Shchekina

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