As a brand and web designer on the Creative team at Slack, I designed various landing pages and visual systems for the website. I worked closely with product managers, developers, and copywriters to build pages that emphasized Slack's core values in keeping things simple, pleasant, and productive. 
Below is a selection of some key landing pages I worked on: 
These pages were due for a refresh. While the original landing page combined both features, the product managers wanted to separate them into individual landing pages to emphasize each feature's unique capabilities. I worked closely with our team's copywriter and senior design manager to design both landing pages, as well as storyboard features UI that would be animated into GIFs. 
Check out the live sites here: Huddles | Clips

Final Huddles landing page 

The goal for the Huddles landing page was to highlight its key features in screen-sharing, having playful reactions and backgrounds, as well as saving documents within the thread. Each capability has a short blurb paired with an animated UI. 

Huddles UI GIF

Huddles UI Storyboards

The goal for the Clips landing page was to highlight its key features in easy recording, asynchronous workflow, and audio-only capabilities. 

Final Clips landing page

Clips UI GIF

Clips UI Storyboard

Senior Creative Managers: Maria Gonzalez, Jennifer Tan
Designers: Alison Jeng, Michael Belen, Terra Spitzner
Copywriters: Lisa Plachy, Audrey Molina 
Engineers: Drew McGahey, Fayaz Ashraf, Katie Harron, Sumit Lal 
Animators: Tatiana Shchekina, Sara Jibreal
Cover Photography by Margeaux Walter

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