An interactive timeline that explores my growth as an artist. With this being my first attempt at coding a website, I took this project as an exploration in familiarizing myself with HTML and CSS. 
Something I would always like to ask my peers as well as designers I look up to is, 'Where do you find your inspiration and what were the steps you took to get to where you are today?' Growing up, there was never a distinct presence of art in my life. I never took drawing lessons, I didn't join any art clubs, I didn't even make art for fun. For some reason it was something I never really actively pursued. Looking back now as a design student at UCLA, I often ask myself, 'How in the world did I end up here?' And thus, this site was created as a response to this question. 
I went and searched for whatever evidence I could find of design or even "design thinking" in my past. I dug through old boxes to find drawings I drew as a toddler, lame birthday cards I printed out on Microsoft Paint, and even logged into an old account to find embarrassing YouTube videos (now private) I filmed with my closest friends. To my surprise, I discovered that certain forms of inspiration have stuck with me throughout the years, even in my work today.

1. I enjoy creating and designing new worlds and experiences.
2. I am heavily influenced by dreams and the idea of what could be.
3. I will always love drawing food. 
My initial design for this timeline was to create an interactive, parallax scrolling experience with all the content on one webpage. 
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