Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop
As part of my design internship at BLITZ digital agency, I had the opportunity to help conceptualize and design the content for TRUE Organic Juice's summer campaign #MidYearResolutions.
The strategy behind the campaign was to promote awareness of the product as well as how to incorporate TRUE Organic Juice into everyday life whilst creating healthy habits. #MidYearResolutions was a way to give the audience a "reset button," specifically for those who have fallen short on their New Year's Resolutions. The main goal was to motivate the audience that any day is a good day to start a healthy habit.
To maintain the product's bright and vibrant identity, the colors and shapes of the bottles were incorporated into the posts. Fruits and vegetables were utilized to convey each post's message, bringing to life the essence of the juice. 
The campaign reached the platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, generating a total of approximately 305k impressions.
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