This is an immersive point-and-click “personality trait” quiz where players have the opportunity to explore a futuristic transportation center/airport and have their choices ultimately determine which fictional land they should travel to. Players can converse with other characters and interact with various objects (like menus, travel brochures, etc.) in the center, with each action and response being an indicator for what would be the dominant personality trait of the player. 

Once players have finished conversing with all characters and interacting with all objects, their optimal fictional land destination will be determined. There are four fictional lands/outcomes that the player could potentially go to, with each land based off of a specific set of personality traits. For example, one destination/quiz outcome is a city in the clouds, where players with that outcome tend to be value creativity, imagination, and spontaneity. 
Conceptual references I used for this game included personality quizzes, Buzzfeed quizzes (because I'm always curious about what type of garlic bread am I), the Sorting hat quiz, and 2D point-and-click PC adventure games. I wanted to take the static nature of quizzes and incorporate interactive elements that would make players completely engaged. 

In order to design the personality quiz, I first had to come up with all the possible end results a player could reach. I designed four different worlds (or potential outcomes) each relating to various unique personality types. 


Personality Types: 
1. Cloud Nine: dreamers
A city in the clouds. Residents of this city value imagination, creativity, and adventure. The tend to be more spontaneous, innovative, and artistic. Additionally, they can be over the top and occasionally impractical. 

2. Ocean Blue: thinkers
A city underwater. Residents of this city value intelligence, research, and analysis. They tend to be data-driven, consistent, and practical. Sometimes they can appear cold and unfeeling.

3. Oakwood: counselors
A city in the trees. Residents of this city value intuition, "gut" feeling, and self-discipline. They tend to be in-tune with their emotions, honest, and empathetic. They can also be moody and sensitive. 

4. Groundworks: leaders
A city underground. Residents of this city value confidence, leadership, and diplomacy. They tend to be assertive, ambitious, and charismatic. Sometimes they can appear overbearing and argumentative. ​​​​​​​
I then illustrated a quick world outline to get an idea of how the player could navigate through this space. The map enabled me to visualize exactly what I needed to illustrate and how I could pair illustrations with interactions. ​​​​​​​
Airport Terminal

Ticket Center

Train Station

Gift Shop

​​​​​​​Conversations with various characters were incorporated using Ink, a narrative scripting language that integrates with Unity. This enabled players to freely make decisions and have their decisions impact their end result/location. ​​​​​​​
To pair with the game, I designed a travel brochure detailing on the types of personalities and the the various fictional places you can visit in each of the four worlds.
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